Millennial Grocery Guide

Pesto Pizza

15 minute pesto caprese pizzas are the perfect end of summer dinner!  |

How this guide works: Ingredients are broken down into approximate location in the grocery store, by order that you'd usually purchase them (starting in produce & deli, then over to dry goods, and ending in dairy). There is also a cost of ingredients scale ranging from $ (very cheap) to $$$$ (extremely expensive - I'm not sure any of my recipes even have an ingredient like this yet). 

About Millennial Staples: These are items you should always keep stocked in your fridge, freezer, or pantry. It will make throwing together a quick dinner easy and simplify grocery shopping. It allows you to purchase food on sale, and all these items are extremely unlikely to go bad before you use them!



  • 8-10 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half $$


  • 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese $$ Fresh mozzarella really makes the difference on this pizza - slice it from a log, or get the mini balls. If you're on a budget, shredded mozzarella will also work!
  • 1 rotisserie chicken (you will need a handful of meat) $ Millennial Fridge/Freezer Staple I buy one of these a week and always have shredded rotisserie chicken in my fridge or freezer. It's perfect for throwing in quick meals like this one and keeping this healthy and protein-packed. Head to 7 Reasons Why You Should Always Have a Rotisserie Chicken in Your Fridge for a buying guide. Substitute: 1 chicken breast, cooked and shredded. Optional You can also leave it out if you want to make this vegetarian-friendly.

Dry Goods

  • 2-3 tablespoons pesto $$ A jar of pesto lasts up to two weeks in the fridge, and is perfect for throwing in a pasta dish (including a cold pasta salad to bring for lunch) or on a piece of chicken or salmon. I love Trader Joe's brand. Pesto from the refrigerated section is a bit more expensive and will need to be used quicker before it goes bad, but is a tasty option if you're upgrading!
  • 1 Stonefire brand pre-made Naan, Pizza Crust, or Flatbread $$ This is one of those instances where I'm loyal to a brand. I LOVE Stonefire products, and I am a big fan of their Naan, which I always use for my "pizza" recipes. Some pre-made pizza crusts can be dry or crumbly, but not Stonefire. I like the Naan because it is the perfect size for a single sitting, and comes in a 2 pack so I can use one for dinner and one for lunch the next day. I usually get the Whole Grain version, which is delicious. If you want a larger size, buy the Flatbreads, which also come in a 2 pack. If you only want one, the Pizza Crust comes in a single pack. Note: My mom finds the 2-pack of Naan for just $1.69 at Price Rite, which would drop the cost down to one dollar sign! Be sure to check out your local discount stores for a deal. Substitute: Another brand of pre-made pizza crust, flatbread, or naan bread. A Note about finding the Stonefire products in the grocery store: At larger chain stores, I've always found them in the deli section, near the cheese display, olive display, or other endcaps where they keep items like pretzel flats and Stacy's pita chips. At the small & local grocery cooperative store where I went to college, however, Stonefire products were with the bread. So, if you don't find them in the deli, check the bread aisle or ask a store employee - they've been pretty popular, so s/he should be able to help you find them.
  • Balsamic glaze, for drizzling $$ Millennial Fridge Staple This drizzle really finishes the pizza and brings everything together. Typically an expensive ingredient, Trader Joe's offers a delicious version for cheap - make sure to buy theirs. Keep this sweeter, thicker version of balsamic vinegar around for tomato mozzarella & basil salads, beet, kale & goat cheese salads, glazed salmon, brussel sprouts, and chicken.