Millennial Grocery Guide

Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza

easy bbq chicken pizza takes 6 ingredients and 15 minutes. and its delicious! |

How this guide works: Ingredients are broken down into approximate location in the grocery store, by order that you'd usually purchase them (starting in produce & deli, then over to dry goods and finishing in dairy). There is also a cost of ingredients scale ranging from $ (very cheap) to $$$$ (extremely expensive - I'm not sure any of my recipes even have an ingredient like this yet). 

About Millennial Staples: These are items you should always keep stocked in your fridge, freezer, or pantry. It will make throwing together a quick dinner easy and simplify grocery shopping. It allows you to purchase food on sale, and all these items are extremely unlikely to go bad before you use them!


  • 1 small red onion $ Millennial Pantry Staple I always have at least one red onion and one yellow onion in my pantry (or half a one wrapped in plastic wrap sitting in the vegetable drawer in my fridge). An onion is something you can probably make a dish without, but you'll sit there at the dinner table wishing it was there. If you're cooking for one, be on the lookout for the smallest one you can find!
  • Cilantro or chives $$ Definitely not necessary for this recipe relative to others, but makes it look pretty. If you have it on hand, or are using it for another recipe, why not?


STONEfirE Authentic Flatbreads are a versatile base for any kind of pizza - have dinner on the table in 15 minutes! |
  • 1 rotisserie chicken (you will need a handful of shredded chicken from this) $ Millennial Fridge/Freezer Staple I buy one of these a week and always have shredded rotisserie chicken in my fridge or freezer. It's perfect for throwing in quick meals like this one and keeping this healthy and protein-packed. Head to 7 Reasons Why You Should Always Have a Rotisserie Chicken in Your Fridge for a buying guide. Substitute: 1 chicken breast, cooked and shredded.
  • 1 Stonefire brand pre-made Naan, Pizza Crust, or Flatbread $$ This is one of those instances where I'm loyal to a brand. I LOVE Stonefire products, and I am a big fan of their Naan, which I always use for my "pizza" recipes. Some pre-made pizza crusts can be dry or crumbly, but not Stonefire. I like the Naan because it is the perfect size for a single sitting, and comes in a 2 pack so I can use one for dinner and one for lunch the next day. I usually get the Whole Grain version, which is delicious. If you want a larger size, buy the Flatbreads, which also come in a 2 pack. If you only want one, the Pizza Crust comes in a single pack. Note: My mom finds the 2-pack of Naan for just $1.69 at Price Rite, which would drop the cost down to one dollar sign! Be sure to check out your local discount stores for a deal. Substitute: Another brand of pre-made pizza crust, flatbread, or naan bread. You could also make your own, or try out that cauliflower crust trend.
    A Note about finding the Stonefire products in the grocery store: At larger chain stores, I've always found them in the deli section, near the cheese display, olive display, or other endcaps where they keep items like pretzel flats and Stacy's pita chips. At the small & local grocery cooperative store where I went to college, however, Stonefire products were with the bread. So, if you don't find them in the deli, check the bread aisle or ask a store employee - they've been pretty popular, so s/he should be able to help you find them.

Dry Goods

  • 1 bottle BBQ sauce $$ Choose any brand you like, or whichever one is on sale. My mom always gets Baby Ray's.


  • 1/4 cup shredded mexican or cheddar cheese (buy a bag) $$ Millennial Fridge Staple Always good to keep a bag of this in your fridge - for nachos, eggs, soups, etc. Honestly either cheddar or a Mexican blend will work, just go with whatever is on sale or what you'll use for other recipes. Substitute: A block of cheese that you can use a cheese grater for!