Where to Eat in New Hampshire and Vermont

I'm pretty excited to share my first Foodie Travel Guide with you today - featuring New Hampshire and Vermont. If you tell me you're going somewhere, it's pretty likely I'll tell you that "you just have to eat at this one place, trust me." Part of the purpose of this blog was to share my favorite places to eat with you. I actually enjoy spending time researching the best foodie finds in a new city, and I had four years to figure that out in New Hampshire and Vermont. I've organized it into four sections: Hanover, NH (where I went to school), New Hampshire (the area surrounding my school), Burlington, VT (the biggest city close to us - lol), and Vermont (also the area surrounding my school). 

What's great about these lists is most of my suggestions are along major highways through northern New England - both I-89 and I-91. Whether you're on your way somewhere else or stopping to enjoy the scenery, I'll make sure you're well-fed.

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