The Secret to Easy Clean Up

Non-stick foil makes cooking and clean up a breeze! |

Dishes are my least favorite part of cooking - but my secret to easy clean up is so simple: non-stick foil. Yes, this is a blog post about aluminum foil. I'm owning that. BUT, it's important, and you'll be happy it exists once you learn my secret. All credit goes out to my mom on this one, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Reynold's Wrap Non-Stick Foil

Why you need it: The end result of cooking should be satisfyingly delicious, but clean up is almost always a drag. Non-stick foil makes clean up super easy by ensuring that nothing sticks to your pans - no burnt olive oil, no crispy roasted vegetables, and no more prying your baked chicken off of the bottom of the baking sheet. It's #science. How many times have you had to scrub a baking sheet, sloshing water all over the place (including onto you)? I use baking sheets all the time when I cook - to roast vegetables, to cook salmon, bake chicken, bake bacon (baking bacon in the oven is awesome. You should be doing it.) Every single time I make sure to put a sheet of non-stick foil down first. My food slides right off when I'm done cooking, and clean-up is a breeze. Half the time no food even touches the pan itself - a quick rinse and it's clean! 

Where to get it: I have actually purchased this item from Amazon because I couldn't find it anywhere near where I went to school in middle of nowhere New Hampshire. I checked everywhere and I needed I caved and spent double on it and had it shipped two my house in 2 days (Thank you, Amazon Prime). It actually makes your life that much easier that double the price is worth it. BUT you don't need to do that - because if you have a car or don't live in the middle of nowhere, you can find non-stick foil just about anywhere: Walmart, Target, your local grocery store, CVS, etc. It's more expensive than regular aluminum foil but trust me, it's worth it. Just make sure to only use it when it's going under food - when you're placing food on top of it. You'll maximize it's non-stick function this way. I just use regular old store-brand aluminum foil for covering dishes if they need to be covered in the oven or while on the stovetop/anything else I need it for.

In summary, you're much more likely to want to cook if clean up is easier, and non-stick foil does just that. I've been surprised at how many people don't know about it, and it's 100% worth the bit of extra money (especially if you buy regular, store-brand aluminum foil for your other, non-non-stick needs. Is that a word?). Now, time for some bacon.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Reynold's Wrap has not paid me to say nice things about them, I just actually really appreciate less mess and less cleanup.