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Behold, a post about my favorite kitchen appliance: the freezer (and some mason jars and silicone ice pop molds, too.)

Today I'm sharing a trick that has saved me an hour a week - and provides me with breakfast and part of my lunch every day in 20 simple minutes on a Sunday. For a long time, the bane of my existence was cleaning my blender every day. As someone who needs to eat every 2 hours, smoothies are a lifesaver for me. I always make mine with Greek yogurt, low sugar orange juice, and frozen fruit - and I've recently been adding ground flax seeds. Since buying my refurbished Vitamix (Want one? find out how to get the best blender for less), smoothie prep has been so. much. faster. That thing can BLEND. have to clean it. And even after I started doing the clean the blender by turning it on trick, it still was the bane of my existence every night. Until....I started my smoothie prep routine.

Now, I make a big batch of smoothies once a week in my Vitamix (thank god that it's so big) and freeze them for the week. I use half in Ball glass jars (the 1 pint/16 oz. size) for my breakfast smoothie. I take it out 24 hours in advance (usually the morning before I want to drink it, when I'm drinking my smoothie which helps to remind me) to defrost in the fridge. I give them a quick shake and pour in a glass. I like the jars because they seal tightly and the glass freezes well. I notice absolutely no difference in the smoothie quality - and I swear it saves me an hour of smoothie making and blender cleaning time a week now that I'm not doing it every night!

My other new favorite tip for smoothie prep is my FoodWorks ice pop molds. I pour the smoothie into the pop and freeze them, and then pop them in my lunchbox when I'm packing my lunch in the morning. By the time I get to them at lunch, they're perfectly defrosted. They're super easy to clean out (I rinse mine out and then throw them in the dishwasher) and don't smell funky even after many uses. They also keep sealed in my lunchbox all day. It's a great way to add some extra sweetness to my lunch that's also healthy. I highly recommend both some sort of glass jar and the silicone molds for easy, healthy, on-the-go options! 

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