Blog Birthday Celebrations


June 1 marks one year since the launch of this blog, and I'm celebrating with cupcakes! Check out my secret at my post The Ultimate Store-Bought Frosting Hack. Trust me, you're going to want to know this trick. Subscribe to the blog to be the first to get the post in your inbox! 

The biggest thing I've learned this year is that virtually no one knows that the word millennial has two l's AND two n's. Surprise! Other than that, this is my 51st post on The Millennial Menu. Over the past year, I've posted 29 recipes with a 30th coming out later today. I've shared tips and tricks, meal plans, my kitchen appliance must haves, and more with you. And I'm definitely no where near done sharing my favorite things to eat, favorite tricks to make cooking and grocery shopping easier, and haven't even gotten started on sharing my favorite places to eat in Boston and beyond.

This summer, I'll begin working on my first e-book sharing my favorite cheap eats in Rome, the city where I studied abroad and returned to again in April. The book is scheduled to come out in Fall 2018 (find out more here) and I'm so excited for this new part of my blogging journey. The past year wouldn't have been possible without the support of my friends, my family, and my boyfriend. My friends, for doing everything from creating my logo (@Bei & @Elizabeth, you rock!) to raving to their own friends and family about my blog, my family for patiently waiting this whole summer as I took pictures of our dinner, and my boyfriend for not complaining when I set up my indoor lamp to take pictures of his plate for 15 minutes before he could touch it. You are all my biggest fans, my support system, and maybe most importantly my taste testers. Thank you. 

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