A New Kitchen


Wondering what I've been up to the past few weeks? I started a new job and moved to Boston! I'm doing a training program to become a middle school teacher and work in a charter school, which includes working in a school more-than full time and grad school part time. It's going to be a crazy year - which makes eating healthfully, cheaply, and quickly even more of a priority for me. Getting settled into my new life has taken some time, so the blog has been on a mini-vacation while I get used to 5am wake ups, 10 hour days, and a new kitchen to cook in!

Speaking of our new kitchen - it's beautiful. We're renting someone's home for a year while they're traveling abroad so much of our set up was already done for us - I'm already sad about leaving in a year. While I could use about 20 more square feet of counterspace, living in the heart of Boston does have its space restrictions. I'm loving cooking on our gas stove and the gorgeous countertops. I used my own guides to Stocking a Panty, Fridge, and Freezer to get the kitchen ready for cooking. The Instant Pot has found a home on my countertop, instead of having to drag it out of a tightly packed cabinet (Read why the Instant Pot is The One Appliance Every Twenty-Something Can't Live Without). I've used my FoodSaver countless times to freeze muffins for on the go snacking during the week and chicken breasts that I bought on sale (read Why Every Millennial Needs a FoodSaver). It's starting to finally feel like home.

In terms of the Millennial Menu, there are some things you have to look forward to I want you to know about: MORE easy and delicious recipes, my secrets to grocery shopping and meal planning that help me save money and cook efficiently, food travel recommendations (especially in Boston), how to host people at your place (and what to make!), and more. Looking for something else? Leave me a comment here or send me an email at themillennialmenu@gmail.com - I'm always looking for new ideas and suggestions!

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