Welcome to The Millennial Menu!

Welcome to The Millennial Menu, a food blog for millennials. Here you'll find recipes, tips, and tricks for quick, easy, and affordable eating. I am so excited to finally be launching this blog. Sharing my love of eating in a more formal sense than forcing friends and friends of friends to eat at my favorite restaurants when they travel has been something I've been thinking and talking about and saying I should do for years. And it's finally become a reality thanks to a surplus of free time and the support and encouragement of my friends.

I started The Millennial Menu because I am passionate about homemade food. It brings people together, it feeds your soul, and it's better for your body and your wallet. But cooking can be overwhelming. In a survey of my fellow almost-graduated college seniors, 90% of them were concerned about the time it would take to cook - no other measure, not cost, the cooking process, nor grocery shopping, even came close to being as concerning for millennials. That's because we're busy, and after a long day at work, when Seamless or Chipotle is calling your name, it's hard not to answer.

Luckily for me, cooking delicious food quickly is something I've had a lot of time to practice - and I feel pretty good about my ability to share my wisdom. The recipes you'll find on this site aren't supposed to be like other recipes online. Before you even get to the ingredients, you can navigate over to an entire Millennial Grocery Guide specific to that recipe, which will show you where in the grocery store to find those ingredients, what to buy, how much of it to buy, substitutions you can make, and just general tips for buying the food for that recipe. Back on the blog post, in the ingredients section, you'll be able to clearly see what is optional, what you should already have stocked in your pantry, and what you can substitute for another ingredient you might already have on hand. They'll clearly note how you can accommodate dietary restrictions. The directions will be broken down into chunks, and clearly walk you through what you need to do and when, and when you can multitask because #efficiency is key to millennial cooking (so you can finish your damn dinner and go binge watch Netflix). You won't get to the end of step 2 to find out you could have started steps 3, 4, and 5 while you were waiting and been eating 20 minutes ago. At the end of the recipe, you'll be able to read how to bring leftovers for lunch, how to store it and/or freeze it, and what else you can cook that week to use up any remaining ingredients

While I am on a serious budget, I also refuse to eat pb&j and Ramen all the time. My budgeting reflects that I prioritize eating mostly real, mostly homemade food, and I am willing to compromise with other luxuries like a Spotify membership (gotta love those ads) to eat real food. That being said, I am making no money, so these recipes shouldn't break the well-budgeted bank of any employed human. Each recipe will be labeled with a dollar sign scale, broken down into four categories:

Cost Scale
$ - Super-budget-end-of-the-month-meals
$$ - Inexpensive, but there is a protein in there that drives up the cost
$$$ - I'm gonna cook myself some fresh salmon for dinner, treat yourself
$$$$ - I am too poor to have any recipes in this category

Not only is cooking for yourself overwhelming, so is the prospect of moving off on your own for the first time. While I can't tell you what to buy to complete your work wardrobe, I can give you some tips on my favorite millennial kitchen essentials, how to stock your first pantry, and more.

Another thing: cooking for one is hard. You have a whole bag of spinach for one recipe and what are you supposed to do with that? Why are all the world's eggplants massive? I can't eat eggplant forever? I've got that down pat, and will soon be adding Millennial Meal Plans to show you what you can cook for a whole week to maximize ingredients and avoid wasting food and money on a jar of sauce that went moldy.

Now, just because I love home cooked food (and my wallet depends on it) doesn't mean I don't LOVE eating out. I love finding good food, that's practically the only reason I leave my house. My biggest talent is my ability to find good cheap eats in whatever city I'm in (and some non-cheap eats, but hey, treat yourself) and I'm excited to share my Millennial Menu Travel Guides with you (which will eventually feature a wide range of US cities & regions, including Boston, Sacramento, Vermont/New Hampshire, Connecticut, and more as well as international cities and towns - Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Florence, Orvieto, Siena, Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Venice, Prague, Vienna, and London).

So, that's that! I can't wait to see where this goes. If you'd like to learn more about me, check out the About page.