Hi, I’m Maggie!

Welcome to The Millennial Menu, a food blog for millennials (or, alternatively, anyone who viscerally identifies with this phase of life where you’re not entirely sure when you became an “adult” but now, welp, here you are). The Millennial Menu is where you’ll find the recipes I use and love, millennial style - simple, edible (bordering on damn delicious, if you ask me), easy to follow, and reasonably priced. I’ll also share my tips for navigating the grocery store, millennial must haves for your tiny apartment kitchen, how to make a bomb bagged lunch, and more things you never thought you might need to know to feed yourself.

This blog is for you if:

  • Your typical weeknight consists of deciding between ordering Seamless and making Ramen (and hey, maybe you’ll get fancy and throw an egg in there).
  • You don’t understand how you’re supposed to cook for one person when that bag of spinach only comes in one size and you don’t like vegetables that much.

  • You love good food but don’t love paying for it. Or just feel like you shouldn’t be eating out/ordering in every night (hint: you’re right).

  • You want to reach the level of cooking skill where you might be able to actually insta your dinner (!!!).

  • You’d like advice/support/encouragement from someone who understands where you’re coming from and wants to make eating good, healthy(-ish), cheap(-ish) food as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Sound like you? Welcome, friend. Let’s eat!

More About Maggie:

I grew up in small town Connecticut and went to college in middle of nowhere, New Hampshire. I’m graduating with a History major and hanging at home for the summer before I  move to Boston to start a whirlwind AmeriCorps service year and Masters program. I’ve studied abroad in Rome, traveled around Europe and spent two terms working in Boston and one in California (and am all about those cheap eats, so I’ll be sharing my Millennial Menu recommendations on-the-go for when you’re traveling, too!). I’ve cooked for myself more than you’d expect from a recent college grad, and rather than have this be a mystical feat, I feel strongly that it’s not that hard and I want to help other people do it.

I've already accomplished my lifelong dream of working in a gelato shop, so all in all, I have nothing left to live for. When I'm not talking about, thinking about, or eating food, I enjoy swimming, basing my self worth on the number of likes I get on Instagram, organizing my iCal, and adventuring.

A Note about Recipes

While I love food and everything about food, recipe development is neither my passion nor my skill set. I am heavily and gratefully influenced by the many inspiring food bloggers out there on the interwebz, and intend to heavily acknowledge their significance in what I eat and what I tell you to also eat. The value I feel I can provide is my ability to see something delicious on Pinterest or on my newsfeed, assess it, and re-imagine it for the millennial (not to create original recipes). Please pay attention to my notes about sources and click through links to these blogs and appreciate their wisdom and expertise that is beyond my years. After all, I'm only a millennial...